Orange County Blacksmith Guild

Heritage Museum of Orange County 3101 W Harvard St, Santa Ana, CA
This shop exists to pass along the craft of blacksmithing. 
Our objective with this class and everything else we do, is that you understand the basics of the craft and then, thru your learning process, gain as much knowledge as you can. 
Consequently, we are not here to teach you how to make knives, spears, swords, axes, hatchets, arrow points or any other weapon you can think of. 
We are here to teach you a process that is over 4,000 years old and a process that, up until 40 years ago was a dying craft. 
When you have learned the basics, we welcome the opportunity to see your ability in weapons production, tool production or anything artistic. 
Students have access thru the museum bus and employee entrance
Drive on thru and park in the big lot by the school
Any person we determine to be working in an unsafe manner to themselves or others in the shop,
 will be asked to leave and not permitted to return.
Safety glasses with a side protector
are REQUIRED when working in or
 around the shop

Start with our Intro Class

After Intro Class completion you can begin the 
Basic I Class

With completion of Basic I, you have access to our grinders, welders, and other powered equipment.
Want to try blacksmithing ? 

Orange County Blacksmith Guild
In Santa Ana, the first Aid kit is located just inside by the large shop doors.
The nearest clean water is in the restrooms.
Nearest Urgent Care information is located with the first Aid kit
Safety Glasses:
Are required
Use impact resistant lenses with side shields.
Ear Protection:
Is your option, but recommended
Synthetic materials can melt to your skin when near hot metal, or flame.
Wear cotton or wool clothing. Loose rolled up sleeves, or turned cuffs on trousers, 
are good for catching flying hot materials. Steel toe shoes with a thick sole
are a good investment. Aprons will save clothing.

Burns just happen in a blacksmith shop, usually minor. 
If you should get a burn, immediately cool it in the water buckets placed around the shop.
Cool water will draw the heat away from the burn.

And, Alert your instructor

Look Around:
Note locations of fire extinguishers, slack tubs, exit doors.
If you see a safety issue, tell the instructor. If it needs immediate attention, and you
can do so, take care of the issue. Be careful and watchful for others in the
blacksmith shop. Hot metal should be treated with great respect. If the shop is
crowded and you have a need to show your work to an instructor, set it on
the forge, and have the instructor come to you, don’t carry a piece of hot
metal through a crowded shop.

Beginning in June 2024, the shop will not be open for class on the third Saturdey of the month.