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Langston Phan 
Heads Our Education
Introduction to Blacksmithing Class
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After almost two and a half years, we have our shop back at the Heritage Museum of Orange County. This happened with an amazing amount of support from Museum, City, and some much-appreciated monetary donations. Our Local, State, and National blacksmith organizations also helped with hand tools.

We are not yet able to get back to where we were with our classes. All of our power tools were destroyed in the fire and they are used by both students and blacksmiths.

Our large power hammer had just been rebuilt and can be repaired, but at greater cost than new one. Lead, used to make the bearings, melted into oil journals.
A new replacement will be something in the area of $12,000.

Our grinders and belt sanders melted on the tables and stands they sat on.
We had two very good heavy grinders and a 2” belt sander.
Replacements will cost over $4000.

While we were able to repair one of two propane forges, the new replacement is $950.

Oxy/Acetylene sets were lost, tanks and gauges will cost $1500.

We are now realizing just how much we had in the shop before the fire. We often go looking for something that just doesn’t exist anymore.

Any help you can give us is very appreciated. We may be good blacksmiths but, certainly not good fundraisers. All contributions are tax-deductible made to the Blacksmiths thru the Heritage Museum of OC.