Orange County Blacksmith Guild is located at the Heritage Museum of Orange County 

3101 West Harvard St Santa Ana, Ca.
On Feb 16 1994, 65 blacksmiths gathered for a barn raising at The Discovery Museum of Orange County
( now called Heritage Museum of Orange County).
 That evening The Orange County Blacksmith Guild had it's first meeting and dinner in it's own facility. Bill Miller provided the money and the museum provided the land and utilities. A small group of volunteers pre-fabbed the parts for the smithy. Ron Hlavac and Bob Cooper were there, and are still active in the group as instructors for our classes. All of our equipment was either donated or purchased with earnings of our group. Currently we are trying to expand our facility and will dedicate the new wing in the forseeable future.,

When the first blacksmith began hammering on a hot piece of iron, little did he know how he was shaping the future

He forged the tools that made the machines that produce everything mankind has today.

The Blacksmith was the pioneer of the technology that carried mankind from the iron age to the space age.

It can truly be said that the first rocket to the moon was virtually launched from the face of an anvil.
                                                     Bill Miller