Orange County Blacksmith Guild

This page is general information for current members of
Orange County Blacksmith Guild
Volunteer opportunity
We are always looking for members that have the time, to demonstrate blacksmithing to the school students that come to the Museum. Usually 8:30am to 1pm on various weekdays. Usually K thru 3rd grade.

You would need to have completed Basic One, and spent time with current demonstrators.
When the schools tours are completed, you may work on your own projects.

People with key to shop
(Keys are given to those that agree to cover as the demo blacksmith during the week, cover a Saturday, or help maintain equipment.)

Shop Rules

Promote safety in the shop, resolve any issues.

Power tools are for those that have finished Basic One.

Cleaning up after yourselves, and making sure others do so.
No pans of water, borax, laying around, put tools away.

For safety, water buckets should remain near each anvil. 
If you need water at a grinder, use a bucket and put it back when done. 
Keep buckets and tubs filled. Cover all water when done to prevent mosquito problems.

The grinder/sander is for FINISH work only. Back grinder, right wheel is our course wheel.

Face shield is suggested when using the chop saw.

Empty gas tanks should have a pink ribbon around the neck, and chained outside, so we easily know its status. 
Ribbon is located on the key rack in back room.

We ask for $20 each Saturday a student shows up. Key people are expected to pay like all others.

Key people are on the honor system when paying for a non class day

Basic one material, and Intro materials are for just that, NOT other projects.

Basic II students should be able to forge around for their own material.
If you are working on your own project, get your own metal. 

Basic One must be completed be fore users are allowed use of any power tool.

Follow the rules for the power hammer. 
Users must be given an overview on use and lubrication, before they can use the hammer.

Propane Forges
If you are working on a big project using the propane forge, bring your tank with you. If anyone does not have their own tank to bring, we should be prepared to tell them how to secure one for their personal use. We would need to make sure they also know how to switch the tanks out. Occasional small use is covered by the day fee.

No alcohol in the shop

Front Chain is up for any public event.

Front anvil should be turned away at an angle from the public when they are present, and no less than 5 feet from front doorway

Front forge should be in use during any public event. If you need to leave that post during an event, get someone to cover.

For insurance reasons, No one allowed in the shop, when a fire is lit, unless they are CBA members.

We don’t sell our coal.

Rudy has final say on all issues.

Caroline is in charge of all finances.

Ken is interface between museum and shop.

Ken has the WEB site.

Vince is Safety Officer

Some of us have Saturdays in which we open and close the shop. Whoever has volunteered to open on a Saturday is in control of the shop and instructing the students on that day. If that person needs help running the shop they will ask. In the past, we have had issues where more that one person would try and instruct a student, all it did was confuse them. If any of you want to take on a Saturday, let us know.

First Caroline has lead with the Intro Class

Second Up for grabs as lead.

Third Gill has Lead.

Fourth David has lead and work party.